Kingsgate Road, North Kingston: Hybrid application for up to 445 residential dwellings

Application description from planning submission:

A detailed application for Canbury Place car park and 12-52 Kingsgate Road for the demolition of the existing buildings and the erection of two buildings to provide 372 residential apartments, 1,738 sqm office space, 734 sqm nursery/offices and 696 sqm gym/offices with associated access, parking and landscaping arrangements, including the closure of Kingsgate Road.

This scheme has been resubmitted – the Kingston Society response to this remains unchanged – their full response here

The Society objects to this Application. The plans represent a gross over development of the site and will seriously damage the local area as well as views from Richmond Park

The height, scale and massing, banal and predictable design which are proposed cannot possibly benefit Kingston and its environs.

It will have a major harmful impact upon not only the Old Town Centre Conservation Area, including All Saints Church, but upon many of the residential streets of North Kingston, and upon the Riverside North Conservation Area, the Royal Parks, and indeed it will be seen from all over the borough.

In addition the North Kingston Forum points out:

The adopted North Kingston Development Brief (October 2016) has the purpose of providing a clear framework for the future comprehensive and phased redevelopment of the North Kingston sites. 

The brief accords with the council’s Core Strategy 2012 and the Kingston Town Area Action Plan (K+20, 2008),  and holds material weight in the determination of planning applications.  The Development Form and Massing Principles outlined in the brief clearly illustrates a range of building heights from 1-3 storey up to a maximum of 12 storeys.   A tower of 25 storeys on this site would not conform with those principles. 

Additionally, the leasehold disposal of Canbury Car Park (§5 Growth Committee 7 February 2017), clearly states:

……Kingston Gate / Apache will commit, by way of a condition precedent to the contract for sale, to develop a scheme that conforms with the North Kingston Development Brief. On this basis, a sale directly to Kingston Gate / Apache is considered the best means of achieving the delivery of the vision articulated in the Development Brief. 

The Kingston CAAC has already objected with an extremely thorough and well argued response as to the harms to Historic assets, their settings, and to Conservation Areas. We support and reiterate these points.