A forum for neighbours


Riverside Residents Association

We are all stakeholders in our community and together we can ensure that our mutual interests and concerns are managed and represented. The RRA is open to all as a platform for looking after ourselves and our neighbours.

The Riverside Residents Association provides a forum for neighbours to share interests and support each other in preserving and enjoying their community in Kingston.

The RRA welcomes all residents to join, whether home-owners or tenants. The RRA includes some of the longest resident members of the community but also wants new-comers to join.

The RRA has adopted a constitution that provides for the management of activities by an elected committee. The RRA is run on a cost-free and fee-free basis, relying on the voluntary efforts contributed by its members. However if necessary, the RRA has the capability to raise and manage contributed funds to meet any costs of the members’ approved activities.

The RRA actively seeks engagement with other community organisations such as the officers and members of the Royal Borough of Kingston, Surrey County Council, the Police Authority, Kingston University and various other neighbour organisations.