RRA submitted its formal response to the redevelopment planning application for 45-51 High Street and 30 South Lane.

1st July 2022

Re: 22/01582/FUL

Redevelopment of 30 South Lane and 45-51 High Street Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1LQ

The Riverside Residents Association OBJECTS to the above Planning Application.

We represent local residents in the immediate and wider area surrounding the subject properties. Our objection is based on the following grounds:

  • Excessive Height and Bulk of proposed buildings both on High Street, and also in South Lane
  • Loss of Privacy/ Amenity overlooking existing residential properties in South Lane
  • Loss of light and Sunlight to existing residential properties on East side of South Lane (Nos 15-22)
  • Harm to the character of two Conservation Areas – Kingston Old Town & Riverside South.
  • Impact on Key Views from Hampton Court Palace, Home Park, Barge Walk and along Portsmouth Road.

The proposed development would cause significant harm to the settings of the two immediately adjacent Conservation Areas (Kingston Old Town and Riverside South) and would cause loss of privacy and amenity of the residential properties in South Lane.

The general appearance and elevation treatment of the proposed development along the High Street frontage seems bland and we would have hoped for a scheme which would do more to enhance this important view of the town. However, there can be no justification for increasing the height from existing 3-4 storeys to proposed 5 storeys, increasing the overall height of development by 25-66%. The proposed development of the High Street elevation would protrude above the heights of all adjoining buildings in this section of High Street, causing harm to the key views of Kingston Riverside including those from Home Park and Barge Walk, and Hampton Court Palace beyond.

Increasing the height and scale of the property will inevitably block light directly to the 2-storey residential properties at Nos. 13-22 South Lane.

This loss of light will be compounded by the proposal to build a new 4-storey block of apartments on the west side of South Lane in an area currently used by surface car parking and 2 industrial buildings of 2 storey height. This proposed block, again with bland elevations, is proposed to be built on the back of the pavement in South Lane, effectively walling in South Lane and causing significant harm to the setting and character of the Conservation Areas which features 2-storey Edwardian houses. As a direct result of the scale and height of this proposed block, the occupiers of the existing houses (Nos. 13-22) will also be overshadowed and overlooked by the residents, causing further significant loss of privacy and amenity.

There are zero public benefits offered by this planning application to offset the genuine harm it would cause to neighbouring heritage assets and it should be refused.

The Daylight/ Sunlight Report presented by the Applicant somehow contrives to suggest that there will be no impact on the houses on the east side of South Lane, which is highly implausible.

Riverside Residents Association therefore OBJECTS to the proposed development.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Webb
Chair of Riverside Residents’ Association